History of Research Results

Stage 1.
Stage 2.
Stage 3.
In the above diagrams, we can recognize the three stages through which the research developed over time.
Stage 1.  The Research was in a descriptive phase. In this stage the idea's or hypotheses were generated for further research.
Stage 2.  The Research came in a experimental phase. Hypotheses where stated, conditions were set and confirmation was found. However, on the interpretative side there where some problems to overcome.
Stage 3. The Research reached a decisive state. Clear differentiation between conditions and straightforward interpretation. The results of stage 1 and stage 2 were based on mutiple subjects, the stage 3 results are based on individual data. And that's what the historic ultimate goal of scientific psycholocical research demanded: an individual diagnostic instrument that produces facts.
This approach will be called "The Calis-Sterenborg Paradigm".